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Top 10 Easter wedding ideas

Spring is in the air and Easter is only a few days away. It is tempting to ruin that wedding diet with all the chocolate and cakes on offer but distract yourself with our top 10 Easter wedding ideas…..   

1.       Make egg trees for your centrepieces using pussy willow branches or twigs in tall vases. Use Easter egg tree decorations purchased from Amazon or your local garden centre in bright colours to hang on the branches. Alternatively, involve family and friends by painting your own eggs in your wedding theme colours. 

2.       Feature eggs in your menu!! Quails eggs make fantastic canapés and always go down fantastically with guests. 

3.       Use a warm yellow as your key colour to add a touch of sunshine to your day. There are some gorgeous yellow Bridesmaids dresses in the shops this year and it’s easy to pick as shade that flatters everyone. Alternatively pick a chocolate brown and accent with a yellow sash or accessories. 

4.       Get crafty and use egg cups to make candles to decorate your venue. You can then use these as thank you presents for your guests at the end of the day. Flavour them with vanilla and chocolate to conjure up those Easter scents. 

5.       If you have lots of children in your party involve your guests in an Easter egg hunt. It’s a brilliant way of keeping everyone busy while you are having your photos taken. 

6.       Take inspiration from seasonal flowers and add colour to your venue with daffodils and tulips. Why not have a loose hand tied bouquet featuring yellow roses – use a bolder yellow for yours to ensure it stands out against your dress and then pick a more subtle shade for your maids to compliment. 

7.       Fill pastel colour organza bags with yellow jellybeans or lemon bonbons as favours for your guests. They will look pretty and be refreshing for your guests after a day of indulgence! 

8.       Feature mini eggs in your wedding cake. Maybe have cupcakes with mini eggs on top or go all out and cover your entire cake with them! The pastel colours will fit in with the theme of your day perfectly and it will tie in the Easter theme in a subtle way. 

9.       Pick spring coloured cocktails for your reception drinks. What about a uplifting green Mojito or a delicious Grasshopper. Offer your guests a refreshing Harvey Wallbanger or tasty Pina Colada to transport them to sunnier climates!! 

10.   Get your Groom and his men to wear pastel coloured shirts with tie and waistcoat in a complimentary colour. If he is brave enough add a floral shirt to make a statement!
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