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April Bride and Groom venue hunting

I have recently spent some time with a gorgeous Bride and Groom who initially came to Behind The Scenes for help with sourcing a venue for their April 2013 wedding along with some ad-hoc wedding support. The couple had lots of ideas from family and friends, visiting wedding fairs and from weddings they had attended but just needed some support in making that final choice. They wanted something a little different with a unique personality and knew they wanted a venue in Southern Hampshire where they could hold everything in one place for 40-50 guests preferably with accomodation.  

Behind The Scenes has assisted with their research and helped narrow down the choices to three venues. We spent a great day visiting the choices (and a few more on the way!!) which we had narrowed down to a historic house hotel with a delightful conservatory restaurant, a boutique high street hotel with a cosmopolitan feel and a small privately run hotel with stunning gardens. When looking for a venue book a day in your diary to visit your short listed choices. It’s up to you if you call in advance but sometimes it is good to turn up unexpected (if it’s a hotel, attraction or similar)  to see how it is run on a normal day. Stop off for a cup of tea or lunch, watch the activity around you and get an idea of the atmosphere. In this case I didn’t book appointments, it was a busy sunny (ish!) day over lunchtime hours yet all the venues took the time to give us a tour of the facilities and answer any of our questions. One suggested we stay for Afternoon Tea and of course we had to oblige. This left a fantastic impression and I wouldn’t hesitate now in recommending any of them.   

It was a really tough choice as all three venues really were perfect were perfect but I was delighted to hear from the couple two weeks later who told me they had visited one of the venues again (for a delicious dinner!) and secured the date. I won’t give away their choice yet but I can’t wait to be more involved in their plans as the wedding gets closer!  
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