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14 Top Tips for staying on budget!

1. Ask your florist to use the same flowers for your ceremony as your reception.  Many florists will stay on site and move the arrangements after your ceremony so your guests will never know any different. If not put the ushers to good use while your guests are sipping bubbly! 
2. Get your Best man to take control of researching everyone’s favourite songs. Ask him to create a playlist, put them all on his iPod, hit the shuffle button, et voila, dancing tunes for the rest of the night. 
3. Have a contingency fund. It is amazing how often little extras creep in to the wedding spends – forgotten VAT on a supplier invoice, extra button holes, extended staffing costs or an additional guest. 
4. Never underestimate the power of Ebay for everything from shoes to table decorations. Think creatively and it is amazing what you can find. One bride I know got a pair of £90 this season shoes for 99p all because the seller had not cleaned them up. Also don’t forget if you wanted it, someone else will. Think of items you can sell on after the wedding and instead of ending up with a loft full of wedding paraphernalia sell it and make some money back. 
5. A lot of suppliers will ask for a meal to be provided depending on their role. If you are having a three course sit down meal this could be costly! Ask your caterers to provide a sandwich buffet – the suppliers will be just a happy!
6. Make use of the talents of family and friends. People are always keen to lend a hand making stationary, baking cakes, playing an instrument, making bunting, doing hair and make-up or being a chauffeur for the day! 
7. Plan! Do your research from the beginning and set out what you intend to spend. Keep a track of everything you are spending from stamps to gift bags. This way if you find you are spending more for one element of the day you can adjust others. 
8. Prioritise what is of most importance to you. Decide whether you want knock their socks off stationary or a knock his socks of dress! You may have to make compromises on some elements of the day to ensure others live up to your dreams. 
 9. Take on extra work to raise funds. If you can turn your hand to waiting or bar work contact your local pub or social club to see if they have any shifts available. Use your selling skills to host Body Shop or Jamie at Home parties. If you can drive think about take away delivery . A few hours a week for you and you HTB for a year could add a few thousand to your budget – and being out working means you are not out spending!! 
 10. Book a makeover at a local beauty counter and get your make up for nothing!!  Book an early appointment, purchase the lip gloss for tops ups and job done!! 
11. Take a look at your finances. We all get into bad habits of buying lunch every day or treating ourselves to a coffee on the way to work. Making your own sandwiches and taking a flask of tea to work could save over £1000 a year! Convince your HTB to do the same and you have provided your guests with food at the wedding! 
12. Holding your wedding on a Friday doesn’t always produce the savings it used to do but why not consider other week day options. Extend the weekend the other way with a Monday wedding. 13. Having a photographer is a must at a wedding but costs can mount up. Book a professional who will provide you with a disk of images and use these to produce an album yourself with a web site such as Snapfish. Ask your guests to send you their photographs to add in – you will be amazed at the selection you get! 
14. Book a wedding planner! A lot of people think wedding planners are only for the rich and famous, think again. Wedding planners are there to help you stick to your budget, find the best suppliers for your money and pull off your perfect day!
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