About Us
Behind The Scenes Events is run by Nicola and was born out of a passion and desire to help others with the execution of their dream event. 
Nicola started out her career path following her creative side by studying a degree in Theatre and Costume Design. It was a fabulous three years but reality hit and a 9-5 life took over! Initially Nicola worked in Hospitality and Event Recruitment then followed a path into Careers Advising. During her studies Nicola worked in the Hospitality and Events industry and developed a passion for it and has continued working in the trade on a casual basis throughout her working life. She has lost count of the amount of events she has had a hand in organising over the years! From small intimate family celebrations, celebrity fundraisers and beautiful weddings to national sporting events Nicola has ticked them all off and enjoyed every minute!!
Nicola realised people underestimated the dedication and time, not to mention the pressure that it takes to pull off a day that would be remembered by the Bride, Groom and the guests forever. Combining work with day to day life and planning a wedding is hard work! When her 9-5 was threatened with redundancy back in 2011 she decided to follow her dream and set up Behind The Scenes. Through personal experience, education and her work history, Nicola has a vast amount of knowledge and a superb combination of skills that can be used to make your event something special.
Nicola has backed up her practical experience with a ICS Wedding Planning and Management course which is recognised by the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners.
Who else makes up Behind The Scenes Events? 
Behind The Scenes Events is a real family and friendship affair. As the business has grown Nicola has found she couldn't run it without the help of her two sidekicks plus a few extra pairs of hands along the way! We can support your day by arranging a team of extra staff to help with food and drink service elements if required.

After using Behind The Scenes for her own wedding Cerri joined the team in 2015. Cerri has a background in marketing working for several multi-million pound businesses, delivering successful marketing campaigns. It was during these roles that Cerri found a passion for event organising.  She has a real talent in find unusual locations and making the space work and matching the theme of the event with the venue. This was a skill she used when planning her own wedding to her husband  Andy in 2014, where she found a beautiful  converted mill in the Dorset countryside which could accommodate all of her guests included in the venue price; now that’s a savvy bride!
Cerri is creative, passionate and quirky and is loves getting stuck in and like Nicola is meticulous when it comes to organisation and planning, yes there is a spreadsheet for everything! When not working, Cerri can often be found behind her sewing machine, in the kitchen baking or learning a new craft skill such as candle making, soap making or paper cutting craft. Cerri’s marketing skills have already caught the eye of industry experts in 2008 she was selected as one of the 30 under 30 Sales and Promotions Magazines people to watch and in 2015 she was selected as a Semi Finalist in the Venus Awards for PR and Marketing.

Nicola's Mum Sandra joined the team after retiring from nearly 40 years of teaching! This is where Nicola gets her work ethic as Sandra always worked part time in the hospitality industry alongside teaching  as well as raising twins! Craft projects and detail is Sandra's thing so you can often find her using her calligraphy skills to write out place names or meticulously laying table upon table! She is also great at calming down a nervous Mum or two!
Together we are proud of our experience and what we can bring to your big day. We believe we offer a unique range of skills and that family touch  to ensure you have the perfect event!
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